Studio Filming has never been so easy!

We’re delighted to announce a great low budget filming service for local charities, businesses, and artists/performers who need professional video content to promote themselves online, but don’t want the fuss and expense of a full-blown location shoot…

We now offer “Breakfast TV” style filming at our all-weather, drop-in studio called “The Pod”, conveniently located in Putney SW15.  It seats up to 5 people (1 presenter and 4 guests) and is perfect for the following types of content:

  • A quick “elevator pitch” video for typically small/new business websites and social media.
  • News, events and announcements where time is a factor.
  • “This is me” style videos to add to talent websites and online profiles.
  • Unhurried interviews with a professional presenter, guaranteed to make you look (and sound) good on camera.
  • Video diaries and vlogs.
  • Quick Tips, Top Picks, and Expert Advice.
  • Client Testimonials.

Here’s an example of an interview geared towards our business audience:

And here’s our interview with talented local musicians Lavender Skies:

Prices vary depending on the timing and whether you book directly or through Event Brite, but as an indicator we usually charge £85+vat for a simple 30 minute filming slot with no presenter and basic editing, £175+vat with presenter (recommended), up to around £500+vat for a full afternoon with multiple guests (e.g. Client Testimonials), presenter, and basic editing into a “highlights” report.  And best of all, as long as the content is aimed at SW Londoners, we’ll be sharing it with our 20,000+ YouTube subscribers and 11,000+ social media followers to kick-start your own campaign!

The whole process is designed to be fast, effortless, and cost-effective, so if you’re interested in making a booking, please email us ( with your preferred dates and times.  We look forward to confirming your booking and seeing you in The Pod very soon!!