Here’s what you can expect from our programmes and the teams who make them:

Local Programmes, Done Well

We’re all based in South West London or have a connection with the area. We share a genuine passion for our local community and the  aim to fill the gap between pan-London content like the articles you read in Metro or the Evening Standard, and slightly ropey amateur videos which are often the only coverage local interest topics can get. Our yardstick when considering stories and programme ideas is to ask:

“Does it interest us as Londoners?”

We started life producing traditional corporate videos for public, private,and 3rd sector clients and our presenters, editors, back-office team and crew have literally decades of experience between them.

Positively Respectful

You won’t see us trying to emulate David Frost or Jeremy Paxman, or pretending to be self-appointed champions of the people. Our tone aims to be balanced and positive, so if we have something critical to say we’ll do it respectfully and most likely temper the narrative with a couple of positives. Our reports aim to be intelligent, accurate, credible and well researched, but never aggressive or sycophantic in tone.

Broad Appeal, Not Mass Appeal

Our programmes cover a broad range of public service and entertainment topics which fall into four main categories:

  • London Community
  • London Culture
  • Lonodn Entertainment
  • London Things to To

Their flavour and variety reflects the amazing mix of people who live in London however you try to define us – by age, sex, heritage, politics, religion, philosophy or occupation. Our programmes are made with care and thought – some serious, some lighthearted – but never sensationalist or “tabloid” in their approach.

We also take on paid work for diverse clients which helps fund public interest reports which might not get made otherwise.

Squeaky Clean

We want our audiences and everyone we work with to know we’re decent, honest, respectful and dependable people from the local area, and if they agree to be quoted or filmed, they won’t regret it. You won’t see us slipping brown envelopes to contacts, rummaging through dustbins or using anything from disreputable sources. We aim to be professional and above board in everything we do. Our yardstick is simple: Would we be embarrassed if someone ran a story about us?

Privacy Policy

If you’ve given us your contact details to contact you, that’s exactly what we’ll do. If you ask us to stop contacting you, we will. No selling your identity to 3rd parties, no partner companies pestering you with “other offers that might interest you”. Simple.

If you have any concerns about how your Personal Information is being used, or are just having trouble sleeping, you can read our full Privacy Policy here.